The Little Cities Network


There can be little doubt that the economic situation of our great nation has changed dramatically from what it once was, and to restore the stability of our economy and our currency, there must be a change in more than policy; there must be a change in mindset and in lifestyles for the people. We must lead the way with ingenuity and new manufacturing applications using tomorrow's technology.


This is truly what is at the heart of the Little Cities project-a change in lifestyle. The "Little Cities" will bring together each aspect of every day life, all within a self-sustainable, technology smart, and green environment with creative, fun, and futuristic entertainment. Everything that you could want for yourself and your family will be contained within the Little City's atmosphere.


  • REDUCTION in oil consumption BY 21% IN 4 YEARS providing strength to the US DOLLAR.
  • FREE private EDUCATION or RE-EDUCATION if you are employed, self-employed, independent contractor, or entrepreneur attached to the "Little City" operations, in ANY capacity, with voucher.
  • Quality Life Style of the 21st Century Technology providing cell, Internet, Intranet, and cable for pennies on the dollar.
  • FREE MEDICAL AND DENTAL INSURANCE with 5,000-dollar credit (Onsite professionals), specialist off site if necessary, and medical emergency mass transit cars.
  • DISCOUNTS with any entrepreneurs attached to operations.
  • FREE transportation to job by mass transit rail system.
  • DISCOUNTED Daycare and Childcare facilities on site.
  • Quality housing on site with packaged utilities and services, using "Green" and "Nano" telecommunications Technology.
  • FANTASTIC AND FUTURISTIC 21st Century technical, Entertainment, Shopping, and Professional Services